Marie, mom of four

I'm so impressed with Treasured Toys and Maria's vast toy knowledge and curated selection for my four children, who all have different interests. Also to know everything is sustainable and will be loved by future generations is amazing, and gives me peace of mind. Highly recommend.

Aine, mom of two

Maria has an in-depth and intuitive knowledge of toys. She has creative and unique ideas on how to use different products - she made a suggestion for an additional item in my recent purchase that will allow both my children to have the opportunity for equal play. A simple idea which will have a massive impact.


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Anna, mom of three

Maria has helped me to choose games and puzzles which will meet each of my children at their current development stage, and grow with them. The family games she suggested are a huge hit - I have found this tricky in the past due to the age gaps between my three. 5 star service!

Mary, granny of six

It is obvious from browsing Treasured Toys, that every product has been extensively researched and handpicked to provide the most play opportunities for many years to come. I trust that the bright, visually appealing range offers high quality and value for money. I can't wait to gift my purchases to my grandchildren.

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